The Gilded Age: “Go West!” America’s Last Frontier

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The Gilded Age: “Go West!”

  1. America’s Last Frontier

    1. – line separating areas of denser settlement from

      1. Divided areas where native peoples lived (usually as ), from those where technologically advanced peoples lived

    2. Frontier over time had steadily shifted

    3. Gave ambitious adventurous people an opportunity to escape to the West

      1. Created a new social equality, democracy, individualism, and optimism

    4. – the belief that the U.S. was destined to reach from coast to coast
    5. By the end of the Civil War, America now controlled land from the Atlantic to the Pacific

    6. Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, and deserts of SW are unsettled territories

    7. – rolling, treeless plains covered in short, thin grasses

      1. Home to millions of and the Great Plains Indians who lived off of them

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