The George Washington Carver Agriscience teachers Award Past Award Recipients

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The George Washington Carver

AgriSCIENCE Teachers Award

Past Award Recipients

2011 - Rick Henningfeld, Big Foot High School, Walworth, WI

2012 - Michael Clark, Greenwood School District, Millerstown, PA

2013 - Barbara Lemmer, Linn-Mar High School, Marion, IA

2014 - Wes Crawford, Sutherlin High School, Sutherlin, OR

Purposes and Eligibility for the Award Program
This program distinguishes the Agriscience Ambassador who advocates inquiry-based science teaching among all educators and inspires students to pursue science excellence. Applicants must have been a National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador to be considered. Individuals may receive this award only once; previous national award winners are not eligible to apply.
Awards and Recognition
The national winner will receive a (1) $2,500 monetary gift; (2) $2,500 grant to winner’s Agriscience department to purchase equipment; (3) expense paid trip to the National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) Conference in Chicago, IL, March 12-14, 2015; and (4) expense paid trip to the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 17-21, 2015.

Expense paid trips to NSTA and NAAE include: (1) round trip, coach airfare to the destination from the commercial airport nearest the winner’s home or round trip mileage reimbursed at the current NAAE mileage rate not to exceed the dollar amount of one round trip airfare; (2) lodging for three nights for NSTA and lodging for four nights for the NAAE Convention; (3) an engraved plaque; (4) complimentary registration for the winner to NSTA and NAAE Conventions; and (5) an invitation to a special awards dinner at the NSTA Conference. Spouses/guests are welcome to travel with the award winner; however, travel costs and registration fees for spouses/guests will not be covered by the award program.

The George Washington Carver Agriscience Teachers Award is sponsored by DuPont.

Award Application Instructions
What to Submit: Components of a complete application for this award program follow. These components should apply to the individual applicant and refer specifically to the individual’s Agriscience program.

  1. Application Cover Sheets– the first page of the application must be the completed application cover sheet that is included with the application packet. No other cover pages should be included. (The cover sheet is not considered a part of the page limitations.)

  1. Narrative – the narrative is limited to eight 8 1/2” x 11” pages. The narrative should be typewritten using word processing software like Microsoft Word (or equivalent). The narrative must be font no smaller than 12 point and on one side of the page only. Multiple text formats are acceptable including paragraphs, lists, and tables. The narrative must answer the questions specified as follows:

    1. Overview – brief description of your agriscience education program (including how students apply scientific knowledge in their agricultural activities and the agriscience competencies they learn) and the community in which your program exists. (15%)

    2. Teaching Philosophy – a brief reflective statement (not to exceed one page) of your personal teaching philosophy especially related to your agriscience program. (10%)

    3. Instruction – examples (relating specifically to agriscience) of your effective classroom and laboratory instruction including innovative methods, resources, and curricula you have developed. (15%)

    4. Experiential Learning – examples of your accomplishments in getting students involved in Agriscience work-based learning such as supervised agricultural experience programs, cooperative education, and internships. (10%)

    5. Student Organizations – examples of your students’ participation and successes specifically related to agriscience in student organizations such as FFA, PAS, NYFEA, and other student organizations. (10%)

    6. Partnerships – examples of your relationships with partners such as school leaders including science and math teachers, community leaders including agriscience industry, volunteers, and other who have the capacity to support your agriscience program. (10%)

    7. Marketing – examples of how you market (or promote) your local Agriscience program to groups such as prospective students, parents, school administrators, and community leaders. Specifically address how emphasizing science stimulated additional support for your program. (10%)

    8. Professional Growth – examples of how you stay professional prepared and up-to-date in teaching techniques and technical content as it relates to Agriscience including information regarding your participation in professional organizations such as the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), NAAE, and programs facilitated by NAAE. Additionally, provide examples of workshops related to agriscience and inquiry-based learning you have facilitated or attended. (15%)

  1. Supporting Materials – the supporting materials are limited to five 8 1/2” x 11” pages using one side of the page only. Supporting materials (such as photographs with captions, news articles, and other items) must be formatted to 8 1/2” x 11”. Evaluation of supporting materials will be included with the evaluation of the components of the narrative (2.a.-2.f. above) Please include a high resolution digital photograph of the applicant (for publicity purposes).

  1. Letter of Reference – one letter of reference should be included. Sources of the letter can be as follows: an administrator; an agricultural educator; or a member of the community. (The letter of reference is not considered in the page limitations.) (5%)

When and Where to Submit:

Entries must be submitted electronically to the NAAE office by February 2, 2015. Please complete the cover sheets (make sure you have all of the appropriate signatures) and attach the narrative, supporting materials, and letters of reference to the application. Then digitally scan your completed application and save as a PDF. Submit the PDF of your complete application and photograph of applicant to Alissa Smith by the due date of February 2, 2015. The application can also be submitted by using an electronic sharing program like DropBox or Google Docs.

2015 George Washington Carver AgriSCIENCE Teachers Award Application Cover Sheet

Name of Applicant:


Home Address:






Zip code:


School Name:






Zip code:


Home Phone:


Cell Phone:


Email Address:


Schools and dates where you taught:


Year(s) you attended the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy:


Photograph License & Publicity Release

By submitting and signing this application, the applicant hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions regarding any photographs submitted to NAAE as supporting materials for such application.

License – By submitting any photographs to NAAE with this application, applicant hereby grants to NAAE a fully paid, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, world-wide non-exclusive license to display, distribute, sublicense, reproduce, modify, adapt and publish such photographs on NAAE’s website and in any other materials used to promote NAAE.

Consent & Authorization – Applicant hereby irrevocably consents and authorizes NAAE, and its successors and assigns, to use any photographs submitted with this application for the purpose of promoting NAAE. Applicant further hereby releases NAAE, and its officers, directors, agents, members, employees, successors and assigns, from any and all claims for damages for libel, infringement of the right of publicity, invasion of privacy, portrayal in a false light, or any other claim based on the use of any photographs submitted with this application.

Representations & Warranties – Applicant hereby represents and warrants that he/she has the power and authority to grant the rights licensed to NAAE in this application and that the use, copying, distributing, displaying, reproducing, modifying, adapting, and sublicensing of any photographs submitted with this application does not result in the infringement of any copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property right of another. Applicant further represents and warrants that he/she has obtained the consent and authorization for the use of any photographs submitted with this application from all persons shown in such photographs or from the guardian of any persons under the age of eighteen (18) shown in such photographs.

Indemnification – Applicant hereby indemnifies and holds harmless NAAE, and its officers, directors, agents, members, employees, successors and assigns from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonable attorney’s fees, made by any third party due to or in any way relating to the use of any photographs submitted with this application or any breach of any of the representations and warranties contained in this application.

If named as the national winner, I will attend the entire NSTA and NAAE conventions.
____________________________________ __________________________

Applicant’s Signature Date
If this teacher is selected as the national winner, he/she will be permitted to attend the entire NSTA and NAAE convention.
____________________________________ __________________________

School Official (including signature and title) Date
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