The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

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The Vitality of a School Sports Program

T’Keyah Cook

Eleanor Roosevelt once said,"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." That quote means in order to achieve something, you have to believe you can achieve it. People who believe their not ever going to be something in life usually end up with nothing. Those who believe in themselves, who believe they can be anything they want to be, like professional football players, basketball players, and even an Olympic swimmer, can and will achieve that goal or come close. Students take after school sports to the best advantage to get better at what they want to do in the future. Having after school activities is a great idea because for many students it's a life changing experience or opportunity.

        Courage and confidence is the best qualities of a human being. Having after school activities and sports is what helps build those two things in a human body. Most young students in this generation don’t have much confidence in themselves. Courage and confidence is what holds a body together, because without those two things there is no you. In order to become a good athlete, you have to have those two things in your body and vocabulary. Humans who don't have courage and confidence are usually the ones who give up on life because they believe they can't do anything in life. No human should ever have that kind of mindset.

        In the meantime you never know what a child is going through at home. Children get molested, beaten, and raped every day. Playing after school sports may be the only way for them to survive or escape their horrifying home. Children who suffer at home will find anything and any way to stop getting hurt and tortured at home. Most kids would think suicide is the only way to stop getting hurt if we didn't have sports, and just imagine the death rate going up in the suicide category. Little children, such as the ones in elementary school, are the underdogs because they don't have enough strength to fight back. Using after school sports to their advantage would and could be the only way out of getting beaten, molested, and tortured.

        Finally playing sports builds an individuals leadership ability. For instance, I was not a leader my freshman and sophomore years of basketball. I kind of went through the motions and did what I needed to do to help us win. Now my junior year of basketball has really made me a better athlete because I have a big role to play, which is point guard. This requires leadership. Most young teenagers follow behind someone else and do what others do. In order to be called a leader you have to present yourself as a leader. Courage, confidence, and leadership holds a body together through life.

        Like Eleanor Roosevelt once said,"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." After school activities is the best idea because so many people would be free, and they would enjoy being around people whom they trust and are with everyday. Having this source would solve so many problems at home and school. An athletic program keeps young people out of trouble and away from the negative ones who don't have courage, confidence, and leadership.

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