The French Revolution

Fed. Gov’t tried to force Native Americans in territories to sell land

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Fed. Gov’t tried to force Native Americans in territories to sell land

  • By 1790 U.S. succeeded in buying Native American lands in Kentucky and part of Tennessee

  • North of Ohio River Native Americans refused to sell

  • Series of Battles

    • 1790 Washington sent a small force to end Native American attacks on settlers

    • Next year Little Turtle won bigger victory

      • 900 soldiers killed or wounded

      • Worst defeat army would ever suffer to Native Americans

    Battle of Fallen Timbers

    • Americans led by General Anthony Wayne

    • Battle at place where fallen trees covered ground

    • Natives thought Wayne and soldiers would struggle on terrain

    • August 1794 major victory for Wayne and Americans

    Native Americans give up most of their land from Ohio River in the south to Lake Erie in the North


    Chapter – Establishing Our place in the World

    Sections – Native Americans in the Northwest Territories – Tecumseh – pp.325-26 “ Tecumseh and the Prophet,” “New leaders take Charge,” “Harrison’s Victory”

    Native Americans in the Northwest Territories-Tecumseh

    Americans continued push into new areas

    • After Battle of Fallen Timbers tens of thousands of settlers moved westward

    • Ohio became a state in 1803

    • Settlement in the territory of Indiana and lands farther west

    Settlement impact on Native Americans

    • Disease killed thousands of Native Americans

    • Settlers took large parts of Native American hunting grounds

      • Animals Native Americans depended on driven away

    • Population decrease

    • Power of traditional leaders declined

    Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa (THE PROPHET)

    • Shawnee brothers

    • Urged Native American resistance

    • Called on Native Americans to preserve traditional ways


    • Organized western tribes into a league

    • Wanted to restore Indian lands

    • Traveled widely spreading his message

    American officials deeply concerned by Tecumseh

    • Governor of Indiana Territory William Henry Harrison acted

      • marched a thousand soldiers against Shawnee villages on Tippecanoe River

    • defeated Native Americans

    Attacked when Tecumseh was away

    Battle of Tippecanoe marked high point of Native American opposition to settlement

    • Alliances decline after the battle

    • Tecumseh and warriors continued their struggle for next several years

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