The French Revolution: History Channel dvd

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The French Revolution: History Channel DVD
1:00-Intro, Robespierre, impacts of revolution
3:28-Background, beginning with 1760, Versailles; Louis marriage and inadequacy
8:00-peasants, economic and social landscape
10:28-scene 2-Robespierre as a young man; background on the Enlightenment
20:05-scene 3-horrible living conditions; Louis’ financial mismanagement

22:30-Louis’ new financial minister, an enlightened thinker
25:00-Tennis Court Oath
26:30-scene 4-Storming of the Bastille; background, re-enactment (28:30)
(20 minute clip good for causes)
30:12-scene 5-dismantle the Bastille; declaration of the rights of man

32:00-Marat’s role (his newspaper)

34:50-Woman’s March on Versailles

36:00-“Let them eat cake”

39:54-scene 6-Robespierre’s power; France is a Constitutional Monarchy

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