The French and Russian Revolution: Comparisons Directions

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The French and Russian Revolution: Comparisons
Directions: Reflect back to what you learned about the French Revolution. How does it compare to the Russian Revolution? First, complete the chart below. Second, you will create a one page reflection on both revolutions, commenting on one of the following statements: “History Repeats Itself” OR “One Must Learn From the Past in Order to Succeed in the Future”. Explain the importance of the statement you choose AND to the French and Russian Revolution. Include at least four specific examples/comparisons that relate to the statement. This is to be typed and turned in for credit (10 pts).

French Revolution

Russian Revolution

Leader and leadership skills

Who led both? Who were the monarchs?

Causes- what were both caused by?

Type of people that rebelled

Who led the revolution?Person/group

What happened to each monarch? Describe

Aftermath- last phase of each revolution

(What happened? Who ruled? Successful)

Download 36.5 Kb.

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