The Founding of Rome Proca, the next king of the city Alba Longa, had two sons, Numitor and Amulius

in the course of the riot Remus was killed

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in the course of the riot Remus was killed. There is another story, a more common one, according to which Remus, in mockery of his brother, jumped over the half-built walls of the new settlement, whereupon Romulus killed him in a fit of rage, adding the threat, 'So perish whoever else shall overleap my battlements.'

This, then, was how Romulus obtained the sole power. The newly built city was called by its founder's name.

1 The Lupercalia was an annual festival held every February 15th. It was an old and strange fertility ritual in which young men struck women with strips of goat skin. It was at the Lupercalia of 44 BC that the Lupercal Marcus Antonius repeatedly offered the crown to Julius Caesar, who rejected it each time (see Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar for a version of this episode).

2 Augury was a means of interpreting the will of the gods by performing the auspicium (avis + spicere), ‘the observation of the birds’. The priest who performed this sacred act was called an augur or auspex. In the auspicium, a priest would interpet either the flight or feeding habits of birds. Another type of augury, the haruspicium (‘the observation of the entrails’), was of Etruscan origin and was performed by a priest called a haruspex. The priest in this type of augury inspected the entrails of a sacrificed animal to look for any oddities which would reveal the will of the gods.

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