The following steps details how the platform works seamlessly

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The following steps details how the platform works seamlessly.

  • As a new member, register on the platform, after registration, click on BUY ORDER, the buy order means that you are ready to buy a product, that you will resell on the platform, you don't have to see the product, you don't have to import it to yourself, you just have to trade the product, the platform gives you the opportunity to BUY&SELL a product, you can as well import or export your product on this platform.

  • After buying order the system will automatically connect you to the person that have an order to sell which you will pay to, you are not paying any money into the system, you are paying directly to the person you are buying the order from.

  • Our platform is to connect two people together, the SELLER & BUYER, When you connect to the seller, you quickly pay to the seller and wait for 14days, after 14days your order will have been matured to sell, you will have been due for a buyer, so you will click on SELL ORDER, when you click on SELL ORDER, the system will connect you to the buyers that are ready to buy your order with 10 to 50%profit, you will receive the money from the buyers, then you confirm their payment, its important you confirm payment made to you, and make sure whoever you are buying order from also confirm your payment.

  • The system is full automation and it understands the language of buying and selling of orders.

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