The Film 300 and Historical Accuracy

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The Film 300 and Historical Accuracy
Using the handouts from class, the documentary film “Last Stand of the 300” (you can find it on youtube) and the following website ( determine which parts of 300 were true and which were false.

  • How to use the website:

    • Scroll down and search for the information you are looking for by only looking at information under the heading 3) The Military Conflict: Separating Fact from Fiction

Scenes from 300

(Describe what happened)

What really happened (or might have happened)

So would you consider this movie scene true or false? A little of both? Explain why or you get zero points.

King Leonidas’ test in his military training is to kill a wolf in the woods.

Women spoke their minds in politics, gave advice to their husbands, and spoke openly to foreign men.

Xerxes, king of Persia, sent a messenger to Leonidas, King of Sparta. The Messenger brought skulls of dead kings and threatened Sparta with losing to Persia.

Leonidas asks the Ephors for permission to consent to fight Persia.

The Ephors were mutants who had to be bribed by King Leonidas to let him go to war.

The Gerousia would have tried to stop Leonidas from going to war because the Ephors said he couldn’t.

At the battle, there were 300 Spartan soldiers and 1500 Acadian soldiers.

The Spartans fighting style is mixed martial arts and the use of a military formation called a Phalanx where the soldiers stand shoulder to shoulder and fight as one unit.

Xerxes was 9 feet tall and of African descent.

The Persian army had an elite fighting force called the Immortals who were physically deformed and wore East Asian looking armor.

The Persians used large animals like Rhinoceros and Elephants in battle.

No. Not imported/utilized until the 4th century for those cultures.

The Persians had technology similar to a hand grenade, clay jars filled with something explosive.

This is not true. Any type of technology similar to this came from China (since the Chinese invented gun powder) and they did not weaponize it until the 9th century AD (1000 years after this battle).

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