The Fifties and Sixties: The Big Ideas

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6.01: The Fifties and Sixties: The Big Ideas

Briefly describe the postwar economic boom.

What were the causes and effects of the “Baby Boom” of the 1950s?

How did television change the U.S.? (Hint: Be sure to include the social, economic and political changes.)

How did life change for African Americans in the 1950s?

How were women affected by the postwar boom?

How did the Beats influence the Baby Boomers?

Teenagers (What was life like for them in the 1950s)

Beats (How would you describe them?)

Events (Describe the event, its causes and effects)
Rock n Roll becomes popular

Friedan writes The Feminine Mystique

Vocabulary (fill in effects from the lesson where possible or put the definition in your own words)

Baby Boom – a period characterized by a high birth rate, specifically in the United States from 1946–1964

Baby boomers – those born during the baby boom that occurred from 1946 through 1964

Beats – a group of writers and their followers who expressed ideas and attitudes counter to the prevailing culture of the United States in the 1950s

Complacency – a state of being satisfied with one's self or with what one has

Conformity – fitting one's attitudes and behavior to the standards of others

GI Bill of Rights – a federal law passed during World War II to help returning veterans secure education and access to home purchases at government expense

Interstate Highway System – a system of high-speed, limited access roads funded by the U.S. government in the 1950s

Juvenile delinquents – lawbreakers under the age of 16; a phrase popular in the 1950s to describe teens who broke the law or who imitated the style of lawbreakers

Materialism – a value system that emphasizes material possessions and economic self-interest

Religious Revival – special worship services or efforts made to awaken or heighten interest in religion, or a period characterized by increased interest in or practice of religion

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