The Father Heart of God 1 John 3: 1 & Romans 8: 15-17 Intro

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The Father Heart of God

1 John 3:1 & Romans 8:15-17


Some people think of God as a big bully, a cosmic policeman or a happy-go-lucky Santa Claus. When I was a young boy I thought of God as a very old man with a long grey beard and white robe somewhere up in the sky. Even before I became a true Christian in my early teenage years I often thought of God as an angry father ready to punish me for some wrong I had done. In my early years my view of God was this stern old judge with his arms crossed, pointing his finger at me and ready to judge me and tell me off.

BUT when I became a born-again believer my concept and view of God changed. As I grew in my faith and in reading the Bible I saw God not with His arms crossed and angry at me but with arms open and smiling in love – like the father of the prodigal (Luke 15:20).

Often we don’t realize that our view of God is wrong and so limited.

In the book “America’s Four Gods: What we say about God…” Baylor University scholars Paul Froese and Christopher Bader found that how people view God is one of the strongest predictors of a range of social and moral attitudes. In their research Froese and Bader narrowed it down to 4 basic views:

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