The Farmers Revolt

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The Farmers Revolt
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1. Identify the economic and political grievances of late 19th century American farmers.

2. How compelling do you find the farmers' reform program?

3. Do you think that agrarian radicalism was a realistic response to actual conditions or an irrational and hysterical expression of farmers' fears and anxieties?

4. Was the decision of farmers in l896 to focus on the issue of free silver a betrayal of agrarian ideals or a reasonable response to the political situation facing farmers?

1. How great was the increase in agricultural productivity between 1800 and 1900?

2. Why did agricultural productivity increase between 1800 and 1900?

3. Describe the social and economic consequences of increasing agricultural productivity?

1. When did the steepest decline take place in the proportion of American workers earning their livelihood in agriculture?

2. How did rural growth compare with urban growth?

1. What happened to farm production after the Civil War?

2. What happened to farm prices?

1. Did various regions share equally in the growth of national wealth following the Civil War?

2. If not, why?

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