The Experiment

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Social Science Research Process

The Experiment” / The Stanford Prison Experiment


TASK: Using your notes on social science research, the movie “The Experiment” and the web site of the Stanford Prison Experiment (, record your answers to the following questions that are based on the research process:

1) What was the topic under investigation in the Stanford Prison Experiment?
2) What secondary research did Dr. Zimbardo conduct before starting his experiment?
3) What was the study’s research question?
4) What was the research strategy (ie. general plan)?
5) What were the requirements for carrying out the research (think of methods and equipment)?
6) What ethical issues were raised in the experiment?
7) What methods were used to gather data?
8) How did the researchers interpret the data they collected?
9) What conclusions did Dr. Zimbardo et. al. draw from their research?
10) How did the researchers share their results?
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