The Experience Economy in the Dutch Performing Arts sector

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The Experience Economy in the Dutch Performing Arts sector

A research on the experiences of audiences with additional services in performing arts organisations

Master of Cultural Economics and Cultural Entrepreneurship

Faculty of History and Arts

Author: Natalie Joanna Haakman

Student number: 295233

E-mail address:

Thesis supervisor: prof. dr. C.B.G. Langeveld

Second reader: dr. B.J. Langenberg

Rotterdam, August 9th, 2010

During my life the most valuable and memorable experiences have been my travel experiences where I encountered people with different backgrounds, idyllic landscapes and inspiring art works. Nevertheless, the Netherlands has inspired me tremendously as well with its rich culture and diverse art scene. Since I was young I was fascinated by the artistic expressions of musicians, actors and visual artists which brought me to choose for a study in the cultural field. Lately, the performing arts had caught my attention and I decided to write my thesis on this sector. Given the fact that I find it important to get the best out of life and the experiences I undergo − life is too short to have mediocre experiences − I found it interesting to conduct research on the experiences of theatre audiences. Attending a concert or a theatre play is an enriching and fascinating experience in itself, but why not making that experience more complete and more memorable for the public? Conducting a research on how spectators experience the additional service offerings of theatres and how these services could be improved would be a great first step in achieving this goal.
First of all, I would like to thank Mr Frans Brouwer for inspiring me on the subject of my thesis and guiding me through the course of the initial phase. A special thanks goes to my supervisor Cees Langeveld, for supporting my idea and giving valuable comments and insights during the writing process and the second reader, Mr BJ Langenberg for his input. I would also like to thank the marketing/communication managers and the directors of the theatres for supporting my research and the managers for collaborating with the interviews and questionnaires: Mr Cees Langeveld and Marcel van Stiphout (Chassé Theater), Mr Anton Vliegenthart and Mathijs Bouwman (de Doelen), Ms Saskia Kriekhaus and Maurice Brederode (Dr Anton Philipszaal/Lucent Danstheater) and Ms Lucia Klaus, Mr Gerrit Reus and Mr Ab Hooier (Stadsschouwburg Utrecht).
Lastly, I would like to thank my parents who have supported me throughout all these years in accomplishing my goals and getting a degree. It is the best gift my parents could have given me. Also a special thanks to my partner for all his support and my friends/classmates with whom I shared the experience of writing a master thesis.


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