The Existence of God I. Atheism’s Arguments II. Why Atheism Fails III. Arguments for the Existence of God

B. Atheism Cannot Answer the Hard Questions

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B. Atheism Cannot Answer the Hard Questions.
Science can answer:
When, where, how many, for how long, by what means?
Science cannot answer:
Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

Should I do this?

Does God exist, and does he answer prayer?

Why is the universe ordered and understandable?

Why does anything exist?

How valuable am I?

Is there absolute truth? What is that truth?

If Materialism/Naturalism is right then:
I” do not exist. Consciousness is just random moving around of chemicals.
No soul, no spirit, no non-physical reality.
Belief in God is just a “meme” the unfortunate accidental result of brain evolution.
Life has no value. Human beings have no value. What is value?
Love is chemicals moving around (vs
C. The Bankruptcy of Atheism.
Has the experiment been done? Can a society thrive when it takes atheism as its basic belief?
USSR, Red China, North Korea, Pol Pot, Myanmar, French Revolution..

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