The Essay: Reasons for the Growth of British democracy

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The Essay: Reasons for the Growth of British democracy.

There is a good chance this particular question will come up in the 2013 Higher exam. However, it may also feature in the 2014 exam…the SQA can be very unpredictable.

We have already completed an essay on the Extent of British democracy; this guide I have prepared will help you write an essay on the reasons for the Growth in British democracy. Aspects of this essay will be alien to you, don’t worry. The beauty of the British Section is that every mini unit relates to another and by the end of the entire unit…it will all make sense. For example, you will have to mention the Suffragettes and the impact of WW1 in this essay – you will study this in more detail at a later date.

Some examples of questions from previous years.

2011 - How important was the role of pressure groups in Britain becoming more democratic

between 1851 and 1928?

2008 - To what extent was the growth of democracy in Britain after 1860 due to social and

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