The Era of Good Feelings

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The Era of Good Feelings


1. What is the Era of Good Feelings?

2. What types of improvements were made to the United States? What effect would these have on trade?

3. Who was the president during the Era of Good Feelings?

4. What political party dominated politics during this period?

5. What ideas did this party adopt from their opponents?

6. What experiences did James Monroe have that made him a heroic figure in America and a good representative of the people?

7. What was one method used by Monroe to be accepted throughout the United States?

8. What were the traditional beliefs of the Democratic-Republicans? How did their new platforms conflict with their traditional beliefs?

9. To what extent did Monroe wish to expand US powers and what were his plans?

10. What were the backgrounds of the war hawks who pushed for the War of 1812? What roles did they eventually play in the government?

11. What was the war hawk from Kentucky’s plan to improve America called?

12. What were the various components of this plan?

13. In later years, what former ally of this Kentuckian became his opponent?

14. What phrase said by Daniel Webster was later adapted by Abraham Lincoln and what did it mean?

15. How had the government funded the War of 1812?

16. In the funding of 1812, what actions made by banks led to high inflation?

17. When the second National Bank was chartered, what was it required to do?

18. Who opposed the National Bank? Why?

19. Who made up a majority of the work-force following the War of 1812?

20. What did America do to make the economy more balanced in America’s favor? Be specific.

21. Who opposed this idea?

22. Why could the federal government create a national bank?

23. What Supreme Court case made this clear?

24. Which Supreme Court case dealt with interstate trade? Explain this case?

25. With the boom in expansion, what happened to the price of land? What was the minimum land purchase?

26. What treat demilitarized the borders of Canada and America?

27. What events surrounded the acquisition of Florida?

28. What did the Secretary of State say in regards to Jackson’s actions?

29. Explain the Monroe Doctrine.

30. What event ended the Era of Good Feelings? In urban areas, what was done to combat this? When did this event end and why did it remain an issue?

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