The epistle to the hebrews

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THE original authorities for determining the text of the Epistle are, as in the case of the other books of the New Testament, numerous and varied. There are however, from the circumstances of the history of the Epistle, comparatively few patristic quotations from it, and these within a narrow range, during the first three centuries.

The Epistle is contained in whole or in part in the following sources:


(i) Primary uncials:

a, Cod. Sin. saec. IV. Complete.

A, Cod. Alex. saec. V. Complete.

B, Cod. Vatic. saec. IV. The MS. is defective after Heb. 9:14 kaqaªriei'º. [‘Manus multo recentior supplevit.’ This text is sometimes quoted by Tischendorf as b, e.g., Heb. 9:18; 10:4, 23; 11:15; 12:24.]

C, Cod. Ephr. saec. v. Contains 2:4 merismoi'"—7:26 a[kako". 9:15 ejstivn—10:24 ajgav[ph"]. 12:16 mhv ti"—13:25 jAmhvn.

D2, Cod. Clarom. saec. VI. Complete. (E3 is a copy of D2 after it had been thrice corrected.)

H2, Cod. Coislin. saec. VI. Contains 1:3 rJhvmati—8 eij" tovn. 2:11 dij h}n—16 jAbraa;m. 3:13 a[cri"—18 mh; eijse. 4:12 zw'n—15 hJmw'n. 10:1 tw'n [mellov]ntwn—7 qevlhmav sou. 10:32 [uJpe]meivnate—38 hJ yuchv mou. 12:10 oiJ mevn—15 polloiv (with some gaps). The scattered fragments have been edited by H. Omont, Paris 1859. Fa (saec. VII) contains only 10:26.

(ii) Secondary uncials:

K2, Cod. Mosqu. saec. IX. Complete.

L2, Cod. Angel. saec. IX. Complete to 13:10 oujk e[cousin.

M2, (Hamb. Lond.) saec. IX, X. Contains 1:1 polumerw'"—4:3 eij" thvn. 12:20 [liqo]bolisqhvsetai—13:25 jAmhvn.

N2, (St Petersburg) saec. IX. Contains 5:8 [e[]paqen—6:10 ejpilaqevs[qai].

P2, Cod. Porphyr. saec. IX. Complete (12:9, 10 illegible).

To these must be added MSS., as yet imperfectly known, which have been described by Dr C. R. Gregory.

Y Cod. Athous Laurae saec. VIII, IX. Complete with the exception of one leaf containing 8:11 kai; ouj mhv—9:19 Mwusevw".

bCod. Rom. Vat. saec. v. Contains 11:32-13:4.

The Epistle is not contained in the Greek-Latin MSS. F2 (Cod. Aug. saec. IX) and G3 (Cod. Boern. saec. IX). The last verses of Philemon (Phlm. 21-25) are wanting in the Greek text of both MSS. F2 gives the Latin (Vulgate) version of the Epistle. G3 has after Philemon 20 in Christo

ejn. crw

ad laudicenses incipit epistola

Pro" laoudakhsa". arcetai ejpistolh (sic Matthaei).

The archetype of the MSS. was evidently mutilated before either of the copies was written, so that there is no reason to suppose that this note was derived from it.

The following unique readings of the chief MSS. offer instructive illustrations of their character. Readings which are supported by some late MS. evidence are enclosed in ().
Unique readings:

(a) Of a.

Heb. 1:5 om. aujtw'/.

:18 om. peirasqeiv".

:8 pirasmw'/ (for parapikrasmw'/).

:6 ajpistivan.

oJr. tina.

om. vers. add. A.

om. ti" add. C.

:21 om. eij" to;n aijw'na.

:3 om. kaiv 20.

:5 e[nestin (e[stin).

:7 om. h{kw.

ejk dexiva.

ajfei" (a[fesi"), om. touvtwn.

th'" ejpignwsivan th'".

ta;" pr. aJmartiva".

creivan (cri-) e[cete komivsasqai.


:31 hJ + ejpilegomevnhv p.

:1 thlikou'ton (tosou'ton).

om. tou' qeou'.

oJ me;n gavr. om. eij" tov.

None of these readings have the least plausibility. Most of them are obvious blunders, and many have been corrected by later hands.
(b) Of A.

Heb. 2:15 ajpokatallavxh/ (ajpallavxh/).

:9 oiJ p. hJmw'n.

tivsin de; + kaiv.

:3 om. wJ"? om. eij.

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