The epistle to the hebrews

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The present Edition is essentially a reprint of the former one. I have indeed endeavoured to make one or two notes clearer, and I have noticed one or two new facts. The kindness of friends, among whom I may again mention Dr C. J. Beard and the Rev. H. A. Brooksbank, has enabled me to correct many misprints in references. To the former I am also indebted for additions to the Index.

The engrossing cares of new work have made it impossible for me to consider afresh conclusions which I formed when I was able to study all the materials which I thought likely to contribute to a right decision; but indeed in any case I should have been unwilling to do more than remove unquestionable errors in the revision of a Commentary which, however imperfect, was the best I was able to make when I was wholly occupied by the subject.

The more I study the tendencies of the time in some of the busiest centres of English life, the more deeply I feel that the Spirit of GOD warns us of our most urgent civil and spiritual dangers through the prophecies of Jeremiah and the Epistle to the Hebrews. May our Nation and our Church be enabled to learn the lessons which they teach while there is still time to use them.
B. F. D.


Sept. 12 th, 1892.

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