The epistle to the hebrews

Chap. 5 The prae-Christian Priesthood. Chap. 6

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Chap. 5

The prae-Christian Priesthood.

Chap. 6

Sin for which there is no renewal to repentance.

The Biblical idea of ‘inheritance’.
Chap. 7

The significance of Melchizedek.

The Biblical idea of Blessing.

The superiority of the High-priesthood of Christ to the Levitical High-priesthood.

Chap. 8

Christ the High-priest and the High-priest-King.

The present work of Christ as High-priest.

On the words leitourgei'n, latreuvein & c.

The general significance of the Tabernacle.

The quotation in Heb. 8:8ff.

Chap. 9

The Service of the Day of Atonement.

The prae-Christian idea of Sacrifice.

The idea of suneivdhsi".

On the use of the term ‘Blood’ in the Epistle.

The idea of lutrou'sqai, luvtrwsi" & c.

Aspects of Christ's Sacrifice.

The meaning of diaqhvkh in 9:15ff.

Chap. 10

The reading of 10:1.

The Body of Christ.

The expression of an end or purpose.

The effects of Christ's Sacrifice.

On the quotation from Hab. 2:3f.

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