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Heb. 1: 8 ‘Thy throne O God..’

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Heb. 1: 8 ‘Thy throne O God..’ because this is the only possible translation of the Greek which fits with the Hebrew of Psalm 45 which is quoting)
8) Greater because of His eternal throne (1: 8-9) Angels do not sit on thrones… they serve! Note that Christ’s throne is a throne of righteousness. Jesus hates sin even while He loves the sinner and seeks to save him! Notice, however, that it is because He loves righteousness and hates iniquity that He was anointed with oil of gladness more than others.
9) Greater because of His creative power (1:10) Jesus Christ’s great power is revealed in the fact that He created both the earth and the heavens. John 1: 3 shows us that ‘all things were made by Him’. What a powerful Saviour we have!
10)Greater because of His control of the universe and because He will outlast the universe (1: 11-12) We see that just as we take off our clothes at night and fold them up to put them away, so our Lord can do, and will do, with the universe. Then, according to Revelation 21:1, He will take out a new heaven and a new earth! Now in chapter 2: 5-18 the writer shows us that this Jesus, so much greater than the angels in so many ways, humbled Himself, going lower than the angels to become a man of the seed of Abraham so that He could die for the sins of the world and save us sinners (Heb. 2: 9, 14, 16). The result of this is that lost, sinful mankind may again be reconciled to God (vs. 17), delivered from death and the fear of death (vss. 9, 14-15), united to Jesus as His sons and brethren (vs. 10 -14) and restored to his position as rulers over God’s creation (vss. 5 - 8 - This is future for mankind, but is already so for Jesus vs.9)

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