The Enclosure of Pirton The process of parliamentary enclosure, focusing on Pirton, North Hertfordshire

The processes of Parliamentary Enclosure

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4. The processes of Parliamentary Enclosure
The process for enclosure followed in Pirton was one of Parliamentary Enclosure.

The prime mover for enclosure seems to have been the largest landowner, Emilius Radcliffe, a member of the landed in gentry. Radcliffe's main residence was in Hitchin, but he held land in all surrounding villages including Pirton, where he was the Lord of two of the manors. Correspondence written in 1772 shows that Mr Radcliffe had “a scheme for inclosing the fields of Pirton”. He may have been influenced by the fact that surrounding parishes were enclosing as can be seen to the table below.

Table 2: Time span for the process of enclosure in North Hertfordshire and South Bedfordshire7

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