The Empire of Alexander the Great Chapter 5: iii Map Activity

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The Empire of Alexander the Great

Chapter 5:iii Map Activity
Use the map on page 141 of your textbook, World History - The Human Experience, to locate and label the following physical and cultural features on the blank map provided. (You will have to draw the Danube and Oxus rivers yourself.)


Alexandria Eschate

Arabian Sea

Aral Sea

Asia Minor


Black Sea

Caspian Sea

Danube River


Euphrates River


Indus River


Mediterranean Sea


Nile River

Oxus River


Persian Gulf



Tigirs River


Next, trace the route of conquest followed by Alexander. Use stars to show the location of the major battles fought at the following sites:
Granicus Issus Guagamela
Finally, lightly colour the extent of area conquered by Alexander and construct a legend (key) in the blank box located in the lower right-hand corner of the map.
When you have completed the above, answer the following questions. (use the back of this piece of paper if additional space is needed.)

  1. What key cities of the Persian Empire did Alexander conquer? (Why did he conquer these cities?)

  1. How did Alexander help to spread Greek culture?

  1. Why did conflict develop in Alexander's empire after his death? Could they have been resolved peacefully? Why or why not?

  1. How did Alexander's Empire influence subsequent events in the lands of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East?

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