The Edwards family that lived at Cwm

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The Edwards family that lived at Cwm.  

Names from the church memorials there are as follows - the dates must be of their deaths:  

John - 7 March 1777,

Mary - 30 March 1781,

Thomas - 13 April 1783,

Thomas - 5 November 1784,

Janns - 30 January 1789

James - 5 January 1790
Richard Edwards, gent, late of the Cwm who died 21 August 1760 aged 55 years (born 1705)
And of Mary Edwards wife of the above who departed this life the 25th December 1801 aged 86 years (born 1715).
Also of Richard Edwards gent late of the Combe (son of the aforesaid Richard and Mary Edwards)
who departed this life on the ?? February 1832 aged 83 years. (born 1749)

Also of Sarah Edwards, Wife of Richard Edwards Gent, who departed this life the 1st March 1833 aged 86 years (born 1747).

Richard Edwards, Gentleman eldest son of Richard and Sarah Edwards late of the Combe in the parish . He died at Little Brampton 29 March 1840 aged 65 (born 1775).

Also Sarah wife of the above Richard Edwards gent, she departed this life 14 May 1855 aged 72 years. (born 1783)

Richard Edwards, gent, of the Cwm who died 21 August 1760 aged 55.  … born 1705

married to Mary, who died 25 December 1801, aged 86.  … born 1715
Christenings at Clunbury, Shropshire
Batch No: Batch P00686-1
father:Richard Edwards


Elizabeth Edwards 4 March 1736

Mary Edwards 8 October 1737

Anne Edwards 13 August 1740 death: 13 August 1742

Anne Edwards 7 April 1743

Sarah Edwards 11 August 1745

Richard Edwards 4 December 1748

Joan Edwards 27 September 1752

Had son

Richard died 3 February 1832, aged 83 … born 1749

Married to Sarah Edwards died 1833 aged 86 (born 1747)

Richard Edwards died 1840 aged 65 (born 1775)

wife, Sarah, died 14 May 1855, aged 72 … born 1783

brother William who was baptised on 20 December 1775 … born 1775
father:Richard Edwards


Sarah Edwards 19 April 1773

Richard Edwards 8 August 1774

William Edwards 20 December 1775

John Edwards 7 March 1777

Mary Edwards 30 March 1781

Thomas Edwards 13 April 1783

James Edwards 30 January 1789


From Pauline Flemons 18/7/2013:

William Edwards (BORN 1772), the mayor, was the son of William Edwards & Elizabeth Small, according to St Lawrence church parish records.

I'm pretty certain that his father was Richard Edwards of the Cwm. I have a record passed from Barbara Jackson that WEBV inherited the Cwm from an uncle, (probably another Richard), who died childless. There is quite a number of memorials to the Edwards family of the Cwm in St Swithin's church at Clunbury.

Certainty: Sarah Susan Edwards was daughter of John Edwards and Martha.
Sarah Susan Edwards
christening: 4 May 1815 ALL SAINTS, HEREFORD, HEREFORD

father:John Edwards

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Marriages Jun 1838

Edwards Sarah Susan Oxford 16 135
Hewett John Oxford 16 135


At High Street Oxford,

John Hewett 30 (occ unreadable) not born Oxfordshire (indexed as Hewell)

Sarah Hewett 25 not born Oxfordshire

John Hewett 5 born Oxfordshire

Brightside,Pitsmore, Sheffield, Yorks

John Hewett head 29 Accountant Elevetham, Hefefordshire

Sarah S Hewett wife 35 Hereford

John G Hewett son 12 Oxford birth of John George Hewett reg'd Oxford Jun 1839

Henrietta Hewett daur 9 Oxford

Edward E Hewett son 8 Oxford *****

Martha J Hewett daur 3 Sheffield, Yorkshire

Margrett E Hewett daur 1 Sheffield, Yorkshire

Mary E Hewett daur 9 Mo Sheffield, Yorkshire

John M Marchinton visitor 20 Sheffield, Yorkshire

James Marchinton visitor 19 Sheffield, Yorkshire

Mary M Harrison serv 34 Sheffield, Yorkshire

Harriett A Willenghley Serv18 Sheffield, Yorkshire

at St Peters Derbyshire

Edward Hewett Lodger 17 Occ Railway Engineer born Oxford, Oxfordshire

At Newport , Monmouthshire, Wales

Living in a pub which was the residence of George E Gretton, Hotel Manager

Edward E Hewett Servent 27 Mechanical Engineer born Oxford

At 210 Brook Hill, Sheffield

Edw. Edw. Hewett Head 38 Constng Mechl Engineer City and Country Oxford

Annie Goodchild Hewett Wife 36 Westminster, London

Edward Shepley Hewett Son 7 Yorkshire, Sheffield

carole Brettell-Vaughaan

I spent most of my early childhood in Clunbury with my father’s Godmother Mrs Louise Morris at Clunbury Hall,and later in my teens with the old farms which had been part of the family Estate,The Home Farm(Cwm Farm) The Llan,The whole Cwm Estate (Cwm Hall) had been in the family pre Parish records.My grandfather died in 1920 wounded in the Great War,the Estate was sold off, and my Grandmother left for Monte Carlo,with her children, who went to school at the Lycée.When I was quite small, as we drove over the little bridge,I used to say to myself,”You are entering a different world”I am always drawn back to this very special place,as sandra Morgan,( a childhood friend)always tells me,ancestral voices are calling me back.

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