The Edmund Fitzgerald By: Brooke Mussehl

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The Edmund Fitzgerald

By: Brooke Mussehl

February 18,2010
Could you imagine being out in the middle of the ocean with 20 foot waves? The Edmund Fitzgerald got caught in this situation. On November 10, 1975 The Edmund Fitzgerald got caught in this huge storm and sunk in Lake Superior.

To begin the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk in a very interesting way. The Edmund Fitzgerald was leaving the dock at Lake Superior when all of a sodden the storm tracker heard of the upcoming storm. The waves got bigger and bigger sometimes up to 25-30 ft high. Mr. Fitzgerald was talking over the radio and all of a sodden the radio cut out and they could not here each other. Before the radio cut out the last words that Lake Superior Dock heard were we are holding our own. Lake Superior would not stop trying to contact the ship. The next day when they didn’t arrive at Water Fish Bay everyone knew that The Edmund Fitzgerald had sunk.

In addition the effects of the ship are a very big part of the story. Waves were coming, but there was no message received by the ship about the upcoming storm. The Edmund Fitzgerald was moving too fast that that they could not navigate to Lake Superior’s Bay. Another reason that the ship sunk was because that night there had been winds up to 50 miles per hour. Researchers think that the fence broke and there was a hole in the cargo deck. Later divers found parts of the ship 17 miles from where the Edmund Fitzgerald was heading.
Finally, the Edmund Fitzgerald has some really cool facts about the physical description. The ship was built in 1958. The Edmund Fitzgerald was also called the “Big Fitz” it was 75 feet wide and 729 feet long! That is longer than two football fields put end to end! To build the Edmund Fitzgerald it was a cost of 8.4 million dollars. Also it has a 7,000 horse powered engine. The ship was also a big record breaking ship. It was the longest ship until 1971. Also, it broke a record for holding the most cargo. The ship was also the fastest ship around at that time. The last time the ship picked up passengers was in 1975 which was the year it sunk.

In fact the Edmund Fitzgerald was and still is a very important ship. Researchers have learned how the ship sunk, but it is still a mystery on why the caption did not get the message about the storm that was coming.

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