The Early Chesapeake

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Name: Chapter 2

Big Idea Questions

Guided Notes

Areas of Concern

How did tobacco lead to conflict with Native Americans?

Why did the Headright System benefit the wealthy?

The Early Chesapeake
 What is the Chesapeake?

 Jamestown:

  • 1607, first permanent English settlement

  • colony: group of individuals shared in profits and losses of colony

  • “Starving Time”: Winter 1609 – 1610, fevers, deaths, etc.

  • John Smith: helped save colony from starvation

 Tobacco:

 Expansion:

  • Headright System:

acres of land

 New settlers received 50 acres of land

 If someone paid the passage of an immigrant, the

would receive 50 acres (encouraged indentured servants)

 1619: 2 Important Events

 Conflict with Natives:

  • confederacy – no longer a threat by 1644

 Maryland:

 Bacon’s Rebellion (Virginia – 1676)

  • Gov. Berkeley did not allow settlement past a line

  • In the “ ” many famers were underrepresented in the House of Burgesses

  • Conflict between and “westerners” like Bacon

  • Bacon almost took control, died suddenly

  • Significance?

Movement towards for labor

 Shows tensions between

Why was the Mayflower Compact an important step for future governing documents?

Why could Anne Hutchinson be seen as more of a threat than Roger Williams?

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