The Divinity of the Spirit and the Percentage of those who are Saved

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"The Divinity of the Spirit and the Percentage of those who are Saved."

Question #1: 

I completely agree with your understanding of being born again "by water and Spirit" as referring to the water of the Word and the Holy Spirit, and I also have long held as you state that "The baptism of Mt 28:18-20 has been completely misunderstood; it is the Holy Spirit baptism not an earthly water baptism". There is in truth only "one baptism", the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Water baptism is indeed one the many dangerous symptoms of all that is wrong with the contemporary church visible. I find it particularly disturbing myself that the more successful mega-churches and mega-church movements in this country, far from de-emphasizing water baptism, have instead made it a cornerstone principle of their movements. Your e-mail is quite effective at showing the dangers of this approach. Once a person turns away from the truth, it is inevitable that lies will fill the void. How much more is this not the case for those who are not seeking God's truth through His Word in the first place!

What I have a question about is this particular teaching I have bumped into which claims that the Spirit is not really a separate person in the same way as the Father and the Son. Your comments?

In the service of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the One and only begotten Son of God.

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