The Dispatch The Official Publication of The Dixie Guards Camp # 1942 Sons of Confederate Veterans Metter, Georgia

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The Dispatch

The Official Publication of The Dixie Guards Camp # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Metter, Georgia

September 2007 Edition

Next Meeting – Thursday, September 6th

Dixie Guards Camp # 1942

Sons of Confederate Veterans

P.O. Box 761

Metter, Georgia 30439

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Commander’s Comments

September is a very important month in American History. On September 17, 1862, the Battle of Sharpsburg, also known as the Battle of Antietam is remembered as America’s Bloodiest Day. Over 4000 Americans lost their lives that day and another nearly 20,000 battlefield casualties makes the battle the single bloodiest day in American History. Just six years ago, evil America-haters made September 11, 2001 America’s second bloodiest day. The difference in the two days in actual loss of life is actually not much. The most recent accounts of actual loss of life on September 11th are near or over 3000. The biggest difference is of course, Sharpsburg was actual combat. Federal forces were fighting to preserve the federal union of states. Confederate forces were trying to win independence. The resulting 4000 fatalities were a result of their battle confrontation.

September 11th is very, very different. Terrorism is an act committed by desperate or sick individuals that don’t have the regular means to enter warfare or they are simply to cowardice to do so. In the case of September 11th, cowardice has to be the reason. Al Qaeda and their ilk are disgusting. They have no comprehension of the value of life. A careful study of their guide, the Koran and its teaching clearly illustrates why they choose to act as they do. Of course, Al Qaeda is of the more extreme members of Islam – but the Koran is the Koran. In the Koran, Islamic followers are taught that non-Islamic are of no value and should be treated in only 3 ways. They should be enslaved – or, they should be forced to pay for their survival…in other words, they pay a tribute to be allowed to live – OR, they should be killed. According to Islamic teaching in the Koran, there is to be no peace with non-Islamic, only death or slavery. So much for a peaceful religion!

In the American Revolution against the British, not all American colonists were in favor of the War. In fact, Georgia was chocked full of Loyalist. Some so adamant that they fought against their neighbors to preserve British rule. To say that all Georgians and Americans were “united” in their thoughts and beliefs would be far from the truth. In the War Between the States, things were remarkably similar, especially at first. Georgia was far from unanimous in its support for secession. Georgia had entire regions that remained loyal to the Federal government and actually supplied troops to the Federals.

Why do I discuss the wars of the late 1700s and mid 1800s along with the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Because, America is far from united in its feelings related to the war. In fact, the only thing that remains ghastly similar from one American war to the next is the divisive public sentiment towards it. Believe it or not, there were Americans that protested against WWII. It is not likely that the folks here in Metter heard much about them, but they protested and complained just the same.

One thing that has remained constant with all of our American wars – when the soldiers came back home, somehow we all reunited again. We need to remember that now! Robert E. Lee asked his men to return home and reunite and to become model citizens. They did that. The South donated more citizen soldiers that any other section of our country since the War Between the States. They led the way against our enemies in both World Wars, against Korea, against Vietnam and now in the Middle East. Right now, there are Georgia SCV members in Iraq. Some of them are from near or neighboring camps. We have had some of our very own there. We cannot forget them and we cannot forget September 11th. Whatever heartfelt belief you have related to the war – why we are there or whether or not we should be there, remember this. They are there – our brothers and they deserve our support. We owe it to them and we owe it to their legacy. They’ve marched off to war just as their ancestors did. Remember, not all of our ancestors volunteered, some were drafted. These guys have all volunteered and most of them are citizen soldiers of the National Guard.

I would like to challenge our Camp to rally to their support. I am currently gathering material for a care-package of a couple of our own. One is in Afghanistan – the other is in Iraq. Let’s let them know that we believe in them and we honor their service. Let us also not forget September 11th - the Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 94. Let us not forget September 17th and Sharpsburg. All of these people who lost their lives would much rather have been at home with loved ones. Sadly, they never returned home. We should never forget their loss or sacrifice and we should always honor their memory.

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