The Diocese of Southwark Prayer Calendar: May 2014 merton deanery

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The Diocese of Southwark - Prayer Calendar: May 2014


This very large Deanery, stretching from Mitcham to Wimbledon, covers a wide social spectrum and encompasses a wide range of church traditions within the parishes.

1. Pray for the Merton Deanery:

Richard Lane (AD); Jenny Thomas (AsstA/D); Les Wells (AsstA/D); Martin Roberts (LC)

The Rt Revd Martin Warner Bishop of Chichester, The Rt Revd Mark Sowerby Bishop of Horsham (Chichester, Canterbury, England) Priests & people
2. St James, Merton

Jonathan Easton-Crouch (PIC); Graham Derriman (PTO)

The Rt Revd Gladstone Adams Bishop of Central New York (ll, The Episcopal Church) Priests & people

3. Merton Priory Team Ministry

Christopher Palmer (TR); Paul Hambling (TV); Kate Tuckett (Asst. C); Tracy Dowling (Hon. Asst. C)

Holy Trinity & St Peter, South Wimbledon:

Ann Fahy (SPA)

Holy Trinity & The Priory Church of England Primary Schools

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