The Diary of Anne Frank – Project Options You are to complete two

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The Diary of Anne Frank – Project Options
 You are to complete TWO assignments for this project. You can choose between options one, two or three but you must do the reflective writing assignment as well. Please note that there are due separate due dates for these assignments.
You will be graded on grammar, spelling, sentence structure and thoughtfulness within your writing as well as how accurate and detailed your information is and creativity. Show me you put some work into this. Don’t save it for the night before!

Choose ONE of the following projects to complete by: Wednesday, March 12th  

1. Imagine that you are a newspaper reporter who is present on the scene while the Frank family is being arrested. Write a newspaper article about the event. Include “interviews” with eye witnesses on the scene, an attention grabbing headline, all of the important facts and details, etc. This should read like an actual newspaper story and should be roughly two pages in length.

2. Write four diary entries (each entry should be roughly a half of a page in length – a solid paragraph of roughly eight sentences) from the perspective of one of the other characters in the Secret Annex. You should focus on events that we know about from Anne’s diary (relationships between characters, the food stealing incident, the relationship between Peter and Anne, Margot’s role in the house, Mr. Frank’s private thoughts, the poor relationship between Anne and her mother, etc.) Try to capture the voice of this character as best you can in each entry.

3. Create a power point presentation on the life of Anne Frank and the impact her writing has had on later generations. Your presentation must have multiple pictures and should detail what you have learned about Anne and the legacy she left behind. Try to focus on new material rather than information we already learned from reading pieces of the novel and watching the two versions of the movie. You should include a title slide/introduction, eight informational slides with images and a works cited slide.

You MUST do the following writing assignment AFTER we have finished watching both versions of the movie (1959 AND 2001). This writing assignment will be due on Monday, March 17th. Answer as many of these as questions as necessary to write a thoughtful, reflective essay (3-4 paragraphs minimum).

Write a reaction essay about The Diary of Anne Frank. How did reading entries from Anne’s diary in the book and seeing the two movie versions affect you? How do you feel about Anne after reading portions of her diary and watching two different versions of the movie? Would you rather not have learned about Anne or how she died or do you think it’s important for the world to know what happened to her and her family? Explain your thinking. Finally, write about what you have learned as a result of reading pieces of this text. Is intolerance still going on today? Are there lessons to be learned from having read this book? Has it in any way changed your thinking? For instance: will you think twice before you judge someone because of his or her appearance or beliefs? Ask yourself: HOW HAS LEARNING ABOUT ANNE’S LIFE CHANGED YOURS?

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