The Decline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty Bloody Sunday 1905

Lesson Content / Indicators of Learning

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Lesson Content / Indicators of Learning



Teaching Strategies/Learning Experiences:



- Recapitualation of key concepts (relevant to this lesson): revolution, communism, socialism, terrorism, industrialization, autocracy.


Recapitulation of Key Concepts:

  • Students asked to refer to glossary of key concepts and terms given in previous lesson.

  • Class discussion of key concepts relevant to this lesson: revolution, communism, socialism, terrorism, industrialisation, autocracy.

Teacher Introduction:

  • Bloody Sunday 1905 was just one outcome of the many social and economic grievances of this time period. Through its consequences it had a significant impact on the eventual decline of the Tsar who failed to meet the needs and solve the problems of the people of Russia.

Glossary of Key Words

(given at beginning of case study)






Class Reading: Bloody Sunday 1905

Discussion of Reading:

  • Teacher facilitates discussion of reading with relevant inquiry questions. Following points should be addressed:

    • Perceptions of the Tsar changed to a backstabber and murderer.

    • Workers wanted to present a list of demands they hoped he could fix.

    • Revolution is the overturning of the government’s power and Bloody Sunday 1905 was an underlying reason for its beginning.

Group Work (Jigsaw Task) Source Analysis

  • Students divided into five groups.

  • Students grouped by numbers 1-5

  • In groups, students to read sources and complete source analysis worksheet

Discussion of Group Work findings from Source Analysis:

  • Final Question: Teacher asks students to verbally sum up, in own words, the events of Bloody Sunday 1905.

Empathy Task: Virtual Mind Map (Wordle)

  • Students asked to consider the emotional state of the peasants, taking part of the Bloody Sunday revolt.

  • From their readings, asked to contribute phrases to compile a virtual mind map using

Reading: Bloody Sunday 1905

Bloody Sunday 1905 Source Worksheet
Bloody Sunday 1905 Source Analysis Worksheet


5 mins

Consolidation: Weekly Blog Question discussion

  • Students are given stipulations for weekly blog question in relation to Bloody Sunday 1905.

  • Students reminded that each has a personally allocated word limit for blog (differentiation)

  • Question: How do you think the events of Bloody Sunday 1905 transformed the perceptions of the Tsar?

  • Discussion of question, and students hypothesise ways to address question

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