The Decline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty Bloody Sunday 1905

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Syllabus Outcome(s):
P2.1: Identify forces and ideas and explain their significance in contributing to change and continuity from the eighteenth century to the present.
P3.1: Ask relevant historical questions
P3.4: Identify and account for differing perspectives and interpretations of the past.
P4.2: communicate a knowledge and understanding of historical features and issues, using appropriate and well structured oral and written forms.

Indicators of Learning for this lesson:
By the end of this lesson, the students will:
- Describe the events of Bloody Sunday 1905

- Explain the consequences of Bloody Sunday 1905

- Explain differing perspectives of the events of and reasons for Bloody Sunday 1905

- Assess the impact of the events of Bloody Sunday 1905 on the eventual decline of the Tsar

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