The cost of public sector pensions in Scotland Prepared for the Auditor General for Scotland and the Accounts Commission

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Unfunded pension scheme – one where pension liabilities are paid for from the current employees’ and employers’ contributions, or from government funding. No money is put aside in a pension fund. Also known as a pay-as-you-go pension scheme.

Appendix 2. Project advisory group

Audit Scotland would like to thank members of the project advisory group for their input and advice throughout the audit:

Professor Andrew Cairns, Professor of Financial Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University

Mr Chad Dawtry, Director of Policy, Strategy and Development, Scottish Public Pensions Agency

Mr David Dorward, Treasurer and Chief Executive, Dundee City Council (SOLACE)

Ms Sarah Fortune, Policy Manager (Finance), COSLA

Mr David Henderson, Scottish Government

Mr Richard McIndoe, Head of Pensions, Strathclyde Pension Fund, City of Glasgow Council

Ms Christine McLaughlin, Scottish Government

Ms Alison Murray, Chief Actuary, Glasgow Office, Government Actuaries Department

Ms Marjory Stewart, Director of Finance, Dundee City Council (CIPFA)

Mr John Wright, Head of Local Government, Hymans Robertson Actuaries

Note: Members of the project advisory group sat in an advisory capacity only. The content and conclusions of this report are the sole responsibility of Audit Scotland.

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