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(Geneva, 2 December 1972)
Depositary : Secretary-General of the United Nations

DESIRING to develop and facilitate international carriage by container,
Article 1
For the purposes of the present Convention :
(a) the term "import duties and taxes" shall mean Customs duties and all other duties, taxes, fees and other charges which are collected on, or in connection with, the importation of goods, but not including fees and charges limited in amount to the approximate cost of services rendered;
(b) the term "temporary admission" shall mean temporary importation, subject to re exportation, free of import duties and taxes and free of import prohibitions and restrictions;
(c) the term "container" shall mean an article of transport equipment (lift-van, movable tank or other similar structure) :
(i) fully or partially enclosed to constitute a compartment intended for containing goods;
(ii) of a permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use;
(iii) specially designed to facilitate the carriage of goods, by one or more modes of transport, without intermediate reloading;
(iv) designed for ready handling, particularly when being transferred from one mode of transport to another;
(v) designed to be easy to fill and to empty; and
(vi) having an internal volume of one cubic metre or more;
the term "container" shall include the accessories and equipment of the container, appropriate for the type concerned, provided that such accessories and equipment are carried with the container. The term "container" shall not include vehicles, accessories or spare parts of vehicles, or packaging. Demountable bodies are to be treated as containers;
(d) the term "internal traffic" shall mean the carriage of goods loaded in the territory of a State for unloading at a place within the territory of the same State;
(d)bis. the term "Customs or Economic Union" shall mean a Union constituted by and composed of States as referred to in Article 18, paragraph 1, of the present Convention, which has competence to adopt its own legislation that is binding on its Members, in respect of matters governed by the present Convention, and has competence to decide, in accordance with its internal procedures, to accede to the present Convention;
(e) the term "person" shall mean both natural and legal persons;
(f) the term "operator" of a container shall mean the person who, whether or not its owner, has effective control of its use.

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