The Construction of China’s Socialist Core Value System

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Congrès Marx International V - Contribution – Paris-Sorbonne et Nanterre – 3/6 octobre 2007

The Construction of China’s Socialist

Core Value System

Tang Jianjun

Common ideal and pursuit, common cultural idea and value orientation are the spiritual headsprings of the rejuvenation of a country and nation. During the process of building a modern socialist country, China always emphasize and persist in building socialist advanced culture, strengthening and developing dominant socialist ideology. Especially during the process of constructing a harmonious socialist society, we emphasize on building harmonious culture vigorously, constructing socialist core value system to formulate the spiritual power to stir up and the spiritual ligament of solidarity and harmony for all nationalities.
Background and Challenge
In the contemporary time, the multi-polarization of the world and economic globalization is continuously developing, the science and technology is changing with each passing day. Although China has gained great achievements in the construction of socialist modernization, China remains a big developing country, is still at the primary stage of socialism, and will remain so for a long time to come. The basic situation of China is the low level of the productive forces, the unbalanced economic and social development, which determines that the socialist ideology and value system will always face a series of challenges.

First, with the deep development of socialist market economy, the drastic reformation of economy and society, the unprecedented flourish of social thought, the diversification of social values, the conflict and contradiction between the dominant socialist ideology and other diversified social thought is unavoidable. Second, the decayed and obsolete thought inherited from China’s old society with thousands of years’ history can’t be eliminated entirely in a short time, and still has extensive impact. Third, as the international culture competition is becoming more and more severe, the cultural power of China is not strong enough, China still faces the big impulsion of cultural capital, cultural product and social values from developed countries. Fourth, the worldwide battle between socialism and capitalism in the ideology field will not stop. As the biggest socialist country in the world, China faces the ideological penetration of rivalries for a long time. Fifth, the new technologies like the Internet, mobile phones, etc. become the new areas and instruments of the spread of information, which brings forward new challenges for us to maintain and expand the influence of dominant social values.

Content and Process
The Socialist Core Value System that we put forward mainly includes the following four aspects.

First, adhere to the guiding thought of Marxism. We always take Marxism as the fundamental guiding thought of our party and country, adhere to and solidify the guidance of Marxism. We persist in integrating the fundamentals of Marxism with China’s practice, pushing the Chinization of Marxism to form new theoretical productions, using the developing Marxism to guide our practice of reform and opening up and modernization. We persist in using the newest theoretical productions of the Chinization of Marxism which includes the Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Important Thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook of Development to educate all party members and the masses, strengthening the research and construction of Marxism, answering momentous theoretical and practical questions, conforming and leading diversified social thoughts and cultural pursuits, continuously enhancing the creative, persuasive and inspired force of the ideology and theory work of the party.

Second, build up the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We find the road of building up socialism with Chinese characteristics under the leadership of CCP to realize the great renaissance of China during the long process of exploring, which is the common ideal of contemporary China for all nationalities. We form the path and course to realize this ideal in practice, establish the basic path, creed at the primary stage of socialism, put forward the strategic objectives of building a well-off society in an all-round way and building harmonious socialist society, put forward explicitly the grand objective of constructing a socialist modernized country which is prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious. This common ideal affiliates closely the ideal of socialism and communism, the party’s objective at the primary stage of socialism, the development of the county, the rejuvenation of the nation and the happiness of individuals, which embodies the common interests and wishes of all social strata and all social groups, having extensive social understandings. The great achievements of the socialism with Chinese characteristics since the reform and opening up for nearly 30 years, has mostly solidify the faith of all nationalities to realize this common ideal.

Third, cultivate and carry forward the spirit of nation and times. During the development of the Chinese nationality for over 5000 years, China has formed the national spirit of solidarity and unification, peace-loving, hardworking and brave, constantly striving to become stronger, with patriotism at the core. The reform and opening up has made all the people to coruscate the great creative vigor, formed the brilliant spirit of times of emancipating our minds, realistic and pragmatic, reform, deploitation and innovation. We hold high the banner of patriotism, develop education of patriotism, collectivism and socialism, launch the movement of creating spiritual civilization of the masses, propagandize the advanced models that incarnate the spirit of nation and times, advocate all thoughts that are in favor of the prosperity and mightiness of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation, the harmony of the society, and the happiness of the people, agglomerate and mobilize the forces of all nationalities to the maximum extent, inspire the creative spirit and innovation vigor of all nationalities, enhance the self-respect, self-confidence and self-pride of our nationalities.

Fourth, establish the concept of socialist honor and disgrace. Establish the moral criteria that all the society pursues, and forming the civilized and harmonious social fashion are the base of constructing socialist core value system. We put forward the concept of socialist honor and disgrace with the “eight honor, eight disgrace” as the main content, specifying the most basic value orientation and criteria of behavior of the contemporary society. We persist in combining the rule of law and rule of morality, implementing the project of constructing civil ethic, advocating the moral criteria like patriosm, profession, honesty, friendliness, etc. , implementing education of social morality, professional morality, family virtues, enhancing the construction of civil ethic of youngsters, forming the fashion of knowing honor and disgrace, promoting harmony, forming the human relations of the equality of man and woman, respecting the old and the infant, helping the poor, comity and tolerance.
Thought and Implication
The construction of socialist core value system should be based upon the practice of socialism and native culture, link up with excellent traditional Chinese values, and at the same time absorb the common productions of the world civilization to make it have the characteristic of practice, nationality and times.

The construction of socialist core value system should use various modes and instruments to push forward, exert the functions of all aspects of the society, be integrated into all areas such as national education, news and publishing, broadcasting, movie and television, arts and literature, social sciences, etc.

The construction of socialist core value system needs the development of the socialism cause to provide practical foundations. The socialist core value system can only be fully recognized and established by promoting the harmonious development and total progress of economic, political, cultural and social development which makes all the people gain boons, interests and happiness directly and authentically.

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