The Constitutional Convention

*Washington was voted president of the convention

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*Washington was voted president of the convention.

*Most delegates are younger

~Alexander Hamilton (age 32) – future

Secretary of the Treasury

~James Madison (age 36) – future 4th

President of US

*Madison took detailed notes on the meetings.
The Virginia Plan

*Day 3 – Edmund Randolph (VA) proposed a plan for a new, strong central government.

*Madison was the principal author of this Virginia Plan and eventually became known as the Father of the Constitution.

Three Branches of Government

*Virginia Plan called for three branches:

~Legislative Branch – make laws

~Executive Branch – enforce/carry out laws

~Judicial Branch – interpret the laws

*Most delegates believed a strong executive was necessary to correct the weaknesses of the Articles.

*Although Randolph wanted three people in charge of the executive branch (one person would never win the people’s confidence), the delegation eventually voted to have one person so decisions could be made quickly. This chief executive would be called the President.

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