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Identify the percentage of immigrants from England

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Identify the percentage of immigrants from England. ________________________________________________________________________

  • Identify the percentage of Africans in the American colonies. ________________________________________________________________________

  • Thinking Question: Why were Africans forcibly brought to the Americas? ________________________________________________________________________

  • Did all of the European immigrants speak English? ________________________________________________________________________

  • What language did the majority of immigrants speak? ________________________________________________________________________

  • What religion was practiced by the majority of European immigrants? (Outside Information – Previous Knowledge)? ________________________________________________________________________

  • What religion did the Irish practice (Outside Information – Previous Knowledge)? ________________________________________________________________________


    A large number of African people were shipped to the British colonies against their will. They were captured in wars between West African kingdoms, sold to European slave traders, and forced to endure a frightening voyage across unknown waters to an unknown destination. African slaves labored in Spanish America as early as the 1500s, where they replaced the Native Americans who had died from disease and overwork. The slave trade to the British colonies in North America represented 6 percent of the total number of slaves shipped to South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and North America.

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