“The collapse of the Soviet Union: 20 years on”

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“The collapse of the Soviet Union: 20 years on”

Trinity College

15-17 April 2011


1. The collapse of the Soviet Union: impact on postal services

In advance of territorial re-naming, division or unification there is usually enough preparation time available for implementing important changes on “Day One”.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union the almost over-night establishment of fifteen successor states would cause immediate and different consequences for the postal service in most of the “new” countries. In the absence of preparation time and experience, local postal service managers had little choice but manage somehow to “keep the ship afloat”; things would settle down in time.

The presentation provides, by way of examples of commercial and personal post, instances of ad hoc action and long-term development in the successor states as reflected in the postage stamps, postal stationery and stamp cancelling devices.

Michael McNamara


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