The Cold War Through Truman

Questions to guide your reading and studying

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Questions to guide your reading and studying:

  1. What did Ike mean by "modern Republicanism"?

  2. What were Eisenhower's strengths? Shortcomings?

  3. What was the role of women in society in the 1950s? Did this apply to all women?

  4. What finally brought down Joseph McCarthy? What was McCarthyism's legacy?

  5. How did Brown v. Board change society? In what ways did Southerners react to Brown? The rest of the nation?

  6. What methods were employed by Martin Luther King and others in the civil rights movement? Were they successful?

  7. Eisenhower was not a civil rights activist. So why did he send troops to Central High in Little Rock in 1957?

  8. In what ways did TV play a role in the early civil rights movement?

  9. What were John Foster Dulles' key ideas? How did his Soviet policy differ from previous administrations?

  10. Because they both feared nuclear confrontation, the U.S. and Soviets fought their wars where and in what ways?

  11. How did the CIA use covert methods to fight communism?

  12. How did the U.S. support the French in Indochina? Why was Dien Bien Phu important?

  13. What was Ike's "domino theory" and how does it encourage the U.S. to think and behave?

  14. What caused the Suez Crisis? What were its consequences?

  15. What was the impact of Sputnik?

  16. What was the Eisenhower Doctrine, where was it employed and how did it differ from the Truman Doctrine?

  17. What was the ultimate outcome of the U-2 incident?

  18. What is Eisenhower's legacy?

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