The Cold War Through Truman

Questions to guide your reading and studying

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Questions to guide your reading and studying:

  1. Why did America demobilize so quickly? What was the impact on veterans, families, women?

  2. What was the GI Bill of Rights and its impact on veterans, women and higher education?

  3. What are the main points of contention between Truman and the 80th Congress?

  4. How did the following react to postwar inflation: Truman? labor? GOP response to Truman and labor?

  5. Why did Truman refuse to acquiesce to Stalin's efforts in Eastern Europe?

  6. What was Kennan's policy suggestion?

  7. What was Churchill's metaphor for Soviet expansion?

  8. What are the characteristics of a "cold war"?

  9. How did Greece and Turkey's anti-communist struggles give rise to the Truman Doctrine?

  10. What were the key promises of Truman's "Fair Deal"? What happened to his promises?

  11. In what ways did the Marshall Plan attempt to contain communism?

  12. Describe the cause and effect of the Berlin blockade.

  13. What was significant about the U.S. joining NATO? How did NATO and Warsaw Pact increase tensions in Europe?

  14. How did the Truman administration deal with accusations that it was "soft on communism”?

  15. Where did communism take hold in the Pacific? Where did it NOT? Why?

  16. How did the "fall of China" affect American foreign policy?

  17. Why are the Rosenbergs significant in American history?

  18. What was the focus and impact of the HUAC hearings?

  19. What was the source of conflict between Truman and Gen. MacArthur?

  20. What was a limited war?

  21. What were the consequences of the Korean War - sometimes called the "forgotten war"?

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