The Civil War and American Life” Focus Question: How did the war affect people and politics in the North and the South?

Ex. Shoes in 1862 - ; 1864 - 0!

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Ex. Shoes in 1862 - $18; 1864 - $800!

*Southern crops fell short as Union armies destroyed farms and crops. This shortage led to riots in some southern cities.

*Confederate soldiers even took items that belonged to slaves.
Women in the Civil War

*Women on both sides contributed to the war

~ disguised themselves as men and joined the armies

~spies behind enemy lines

~took over businesses, farms, plantations while men were away

~worked in the fields

~factory workers

~dangerous jobs (ex. make ammunition)

~gov’t jobs (sign/number currency)



*Elizabeth Blackwell (America’s first female physician) trained nurses for the Union army.

*Dorothea Dix (social reformer) became the head of Union army nurses.

*Harriet Tubman (continued to lead slaves to freedom) served as a nurse for the Union.

*Clara Barton cared for wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

Review Questions
*How did the Civil War divide both North and South?
Not all northerners supported a war to preserve the Union or end slavery, and not all southerners favored a war to defend secession or support slavery
*Why was the Civil War sometimes called a “rich man’s war but a poor man’s fight”?
Wealthy men could pay to avoid the draft while poor men could not afford to do so.
*What strains did the war put on people/
It caused financial hardships, as well as shortages of food and other necessities.
*How did the war affect women?
They took on many roles that would not have been possible during peacetime.

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