The Citizen-Soldier

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N. J. Archives 6: 250.

cxlvii Bollan was attending Parliamentary hearings on the proposed imposition of the Mutiny Act. He also presented information on the Albany Plan and spoke in favor of the plan from the perspective of the Massachu­setts assembly.

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cl The American Museum published an elaborate and long article, "Albany Plan of Union," in 1789, February, 190 194; March, 285 288; and April, 365 368. Franklin's remarks were dated February 9, 1789. The Museum, omits the word "Remark" but it was part of the response which was written by Dr. Franklin and accompanied the following letter to the editor, Matthew Carey, which was submitted to The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 23 [1899 1900]:

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clxxxi Journal of the House of Commons, 10: 49-73; Charles M. Clode. The Military Forces of the Crown. 2 vols. London: Murray, 1869, 1: 142 and 2: appendix 33. Under Anne, the law was amended to ensure such protection of law only in time of peace. 1 Anne 2: 20.

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clxxxiii Parliamentary History, 14: 535-47; 4 George 1. Regard­ing the legitimacy of orders, the Duke of Argyll argued passionately that "If they should receive any illegal commands, they may disobey them with impunity." Parliamenta­ry History, 8: 1245; Lords Mansfield and Loughsborough in Johnstone v Sutton, 1 East. Rep. 548.

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cxc quoted in New York Journal, 26 December 1768; also noted in A Journal of the Times: Boston under Military Rule. Oliver M. Dickerson, comp. Boston: Chapman and Grimes, 1936. This little known and under-utilized document was published in pamphlet form and widely read in the 1760s. Parts were published in both the New York Journal and Boston Evening Post.

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ccxviii Count Maurice de Saxe (1696-1750), French marshal, was the illegitimate son of Augustus II of Poland and was perhaps the greatest military mind of his age. His Memoirs were published in France in 1730 and in English in 1761. Generals Lee and Knox read and recommended it to Washington and others. Knox used it heavily in his military plan sent to Congress in 1790.

ccxix William Barrisse. Military Discipliner, or, the Young Artillery Man. London, 1635. Two later editions were dated 1643 and 1661.

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cclxv "Instructions to Major Ferguson, Inspector of Militia," 22 May 1780, in Henry Clinton.
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