The Circus Maximus

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Answer the following questions while watching the video “The Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome.”

1. What was the population of Ancient Rome?

2. Where was the first shopping mall in the world?

The Circus Maximus

3. How long and wide was the Circus Maximus?

4. How many people would the Circus Maximus hold?

5. What did the spina represent?

6. What new material was the final Circus Maximus built of?

7. How long did the Circus Maximus survive?

8. What remains of the Circus Maximus today?

9. How many deaths per year happened in the Circus Maximus as a result of chariot racing?

10. A chariot race in the Circus Maximus consisted of how many loops?

11. How many chariot races were won by Scorpus?

12. How old was Scorpus when he died in a chariot race in the Circus Maximus?

Trajan’s Forum

13. Why did Trajan build his forum?

14. Trajan was originally from what country?

15. What were some things in Trajan’s Forum?

16. How many shops on how many levels mad up Trajan’s Market?


17. How much water was brought into the city of Rome by aqueduct daily?

18. Who was Trajan’s water engineer?

19. How long was the network of aqueducts and tunnels bringing water into Rome?

20. For stability reasons, at what height did architects limit arches in the construction of aqueducts?

21. For what were the three reservoirs in Rome used?

The Baths of Caracalla

22. Why did Caracalla build the baths?

23. How many public baths were already in Rome when Caracalla had his built?

24. How many square meters were covered by Caracalla’s baths?

25. How many men worked on building Caracalla’s bath complex?

26. How long did it take for Caracalla’s baths to be completed?

27. How many fireplaces were under the baths to heat the rooms above?

28. Who assassinated Caracalla?

Roman Roads

29. What was the name of the first Roman road?

30. Why were all Roman roads straight?

31. Who worked to build the Roman roads?

32. How long is a Roman mile?

The Pantheon

33. What is the Pantheon?

34. How wide is dome of the Pantheon?

35. How many types of concrete were used in the construction of the dome of the Pantheon?

The Colosseum

36. How many people could the Colosseum hold?

37. How many entrances were there into the Colosseum?

38. How many levels were there in the Colosseum?

39. The worst seats in the Colosseum, the top level were reserved for what group of people?

40. How many sailors were stationed in Rome to operate the awning of the Colosseum?

41. How long did it take to build the Colosseum?

42. How many wild animal pens were under the main floor of the Colosseum?

43. How many trained gladiators were there?

44. How many people died within the Colosseum?

45. Of the Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome, which do you think is the greatest? Why?

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