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1NC—AT: Indo-Pak

Peace process solves

First Post 1/1/14 [Peace process may make some headway before polls in India: Pakistan,” First Post India, Jan 1, 2014, pg.
Islamabad: Pakistan today said that though the full Indo-Pak composite dialogue may not start before the general elections in India, peace process will make some headway. Advisor to Pakistan Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs and National Security, Sartaj Aziz said initiative has been taken to improve relations with India. Tensions prevailed due to some incidents on the LOC but now situation has stabilised. The DGMOs of the two countries have met and peace is restored, he said.
In an interview to state-run Radio Pakistan, Aziz said full composite dialogue may not be started before elections in India but hoped that some groups will meet and peace process will make headway to some extent. He said peaceful neighbourhood is the first priority of the country's foreign policy and sufficient progress has been made in this direction. Aziz said without peaceful neighbourhood, Pakistan cannot achieve agenda of economic development. He said to achieve these objectives "some basic changes has been made in the foreign policy during the last six months".

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