The church at Clifton Campville: lordship and community 12th and early 13th centuries

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igure 11:

Hugh and Richard’s church: south porch – late 14th century
Note the well-worn pathway leading to the porch

Photo © I M Curr

The existence of possible burgage plots in the village could also suggest, depending on the date of their establishment, that Hugh and Richard were investing in the manor.54 If not in Hugh and Richard’s time, then the existence of burgage plots suggests that the Camvilles had been investing in the manor at an earlier date, perhaps as early as the 1190s when the manorial suffix was added.

Also constructed during the time of Hugh and Richard was the eastward extension of the chancel.55 The first church, built by William de Camville, had a two-bay chancel, which Hugh and Richard extended by one bay. The new east wall incorporated the window which still survives and which has been described as ‘one of the best windows in . . . Decorated style in the diocese’.56 [see Fig. 12] This is a significant addition to the church since the chancel was the holiest part of the building. The chancel extension with its dramatic window must have made a striking impression.

Figure 12:

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