The Century America’s Time Over the Edge 1936-1941

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The Century America’s Time Over the Edge 1936-1941

  1. Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party came to power during the German depression. Why were Hitler and Nazism so appealing to Germans in the 1930s?

  1. Germany hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics. How did Hitler use the 1936 Olympics to promote his Nazi Party?

  1. American Jesse Owens’ stunning victory in the 100-meter race angered Adolph Hitler. How did Owens’ victory shatter the Nazi propaganda about Aryan supremacy?

  1. How did Adolph Hitler use propaganda and the media to achieve his desired goals?

  1. In the late 1930s, the Nazi Party in Germany burned books. Why did they do this? How can books be considered such a threat that some might find it necessary to burn them?

  1. Why was the boxing match Joe Louis against Max Schmeling more than just a fight?

  1. What was the Abraham Lincoln Brigade? Where were they fighting? Who won the war?

  1. What did English Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, do that seemed to appease Hitler. Why did they choose this passive strategy?

  1. What were the Nuremberg Laws? How did they affect the Jewish population of Germany and German-occupied states?

  1. What was Kristallnacht? What caused this show of Nazi aggression?

  1. What was the “Lend-Lease” policy? Was the US still really neutral?

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