The Center for Asian American Studies (caas) University of Texas at Austin Funding Assistance Guidelines for ut-austin/Student Organizations

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The Center for Asian American Studies (CAAS)

University of Texas at Austin

Funding Assistance Guidelines for UT-Austin/Student Organizations

  1. Application Qualifications

  1. To apply for funding from the Center for Asian American Studies, the student organization must be affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin and in good standing with the university.

  2. CAAS will seek evidence that the organization has fulfilled its expectations for service, leadership development, social, and/or educational programming before granting funds.

    1. In other words, CAAS will send financial support to the student organization (1) after the event has taken place and (2) supportive documentation has been received (i.e. flyer, program, etc).

      1. Reimbursements may take up to 2 weeks to process after the event

    2. An Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) of funds will be done for student organizations that are affiliated with the Multicultural Information Center (MIC). Proof that the event occurred still needs to be submitted to CAAS.

  3. Form must be completed in full to be considered for funding.

  4. Student organizations may submit 1 funding request for an event per semester for CAAS to co-sponsor.

  5. Only current semester events will be considered for funding, but future events may be saved for consideration during future semesters.

  6. Student Organization requests for funding should be submitted by the suggested deadline via email and/or in print.

    1. Fall Semester: September 15

    2. Spring Semester: February 1

  1. Funding Priorities

Generally, funds will be distributed to organizations planning events that center on Asian American issues pertaining to community, community service, cultural, educational, leadership development, social, and/or campus unity-building activities.

  1. Highest funding priority will be given to organizations, programs and events that support the CAAS mission statement. Events can be for the UT-Austin community, or for the Austin community at large.

  2. The next priority will be given to programs and events, which target a specific audience within the university community.

  3. Third priority will be given to programs and events held off-campus.

Center for Asian American Studies: Mission Statement

Founded in 2000, the Center for Asian American Studies (CAAS) at The University of Texas at Austin is an interdisciplinary academic program currently offering classes in the fields of American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Communications, Educational Psychology, English, Government, History, Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Radio-Television-Film, Religious Studies, Social Work, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies.

The Center for Asian American Studies (CAAS) at The University of Texas at Austin is an academic program dedicated to the following core values:

    • To educate students, faculty, administrators and staff and broaden their awareness about Asian American issues;

    • To facilitate multidisciplinary research and teaching;

    • To critically engage and foster communities of Asian descent;

    • To focus intellectual study on racialized communities, especially those of Asian descent, both within and beyond U.S. borders;

    • To investigate the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, and other relations of power;

    • To become active in and support public services that address social justice relevant to racialized communities.

  1. Maximum Funding Amounts per Semester

Funding amounts are based on each organization’s needs. Because of budgetary constraints, funding will be allocated towards events that support CAAS’s mission statement. Funding allocations may change year to year for co-sponsored events.

  1. Funding Restrictions

Each student organization will most likely receive CAAS’s sponsorship once (1) per year, provided that the organization meets the application qualifications. Only with a surplus of funds available, may a student organization receive additional funding. Additional funding still requires a student organization to have met all of the application qualifications.

  1. CAAS will NOT provide funding for the following expenses:

    1. Meals consumed during off campus travel.

    2. Gas expenses for travel/event

    3. ANY alcoholic beverages or receipts that include alcoholic beverages.

    4. Gratuities (tips)

    5. Texas sales tax

    6. Capital items for organizations

    7. Any personal expenses

  1. As a general rule, programs or events for fundraising purposes where a dollar amount is earned by the student organization will not receive funding assistance from CAAS.

  1. Reimbursements and Pre-Payments

No reimbursement will be processed after August 1st of each fiscal year. All funds allocated within a fiscal year, must be reimbursed within that fiscal year.

  1. Attach supporting documents, such as flyers, programs, etc, for the campus events or programs as proof that the event took place.

  2. If pre-payment is required for an approved expense, the organization must contact CAAS at least 7 working days in advance of required payment. This is done on a very limited basis and should be requested at the time of the application subsistence. Supporting documentation is needed for pre-payments. No guarantees for approval.

  3. For reimbursement, please supply a contact person from your organization on the application below. This is the individual that the pay out of funds will be mailed to.

  4. If payment of services involves a contract, the contract must be approved prior to the event. Please plan accordingly since prior of approval may take an additional 4 weeks.

  1. Notification

  1. CAAS funding approval/denial letters will be sent to the student organizations contact email provided on the application.

  2. If funding has been approved and CAAS has not received confirmation of agreement from the student organization/representative in 10 days, funding may be denied and allocated elsewhere.

Please turn in completed form to The Center for Asian American Studies:

Geography (GRG) 220

Campus Mail Code: A2200

Sona Shah,

Email or Printed copies are both acceptable.
Disclaimer: CAAS reserves the right to make changes to this form at any time.
Thank you for your interest in the Center for Asian American Studies.

The Center for Asian American Studies (CAAS)

University of Texas at Austin

Funding Assistance Guidelines – Student Organizations


Guidelines for submitting a request for funding:

  1. Student Organization requests for funding should be submitted before the due date set by CAAS per semester via email and/or in print.

  2. Complete application entirely. Please do not leave any requested information blank. If an area does not pertain to you please write “N/A” (not applicable).

  3. CAAS will contact you if there are questions about the request, prior to amount allocations decisions.

  4. All documentation (program material) is due 10 days after the event (before payout occurs).

  5. No reimbursements will be processed after August 1st of each fiscal year.

  6. Organizations are responsible for contacting CAAS within 10 days of their event to request payout to the contact person for the organization.

  7. Check will be sent to the mailing address to the contact person below. CAAS is unable to make the check payable to a student organization.

  8. The Center for Asian American Studies requests that our name is referenced on all publicity materials listing co-sponsors.

  9. We ask for five minutes of face time at each event to publicize the Center.

  10. In addition, the Center requires 3-5 representative(s) of each student organization sponsored to attend an Open House at the Center. These events are held once per semester, usually at noon, with refreshments. Faculty will be present to discuss the Center and its programs. We will contact you with the details.

  11. The Center requests that each organization sponsored volunteer one hour at the Center during the semester that they receive an award. This arrangement needs to be set up before funds are transferred.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, please contact Sona Shah at or at 232-9468.

Student Organization Name:
Organization FEIN-Federal Employment Identification Number:
The following information MUST regard the president of your organization. Checks can only be mailed to the president of your organization.

Contact Person Name:

Contact Person EID:
Contact Person Mailing Address (check will be mailed to this person):
Contact Person Email:
Contact Person Position in Organization:
President’s name/Email:
Title of Event:
Date of Event:
Time of Event:
Location of Event:
Estimated Size of Audience:
Is this organization affiliated with a UT-Austin department or center? Yes/No
If yes, please identify the account number that will be used for the Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) and the contact information for your department/center/organization’s financial liaison:

Please answer ALL the following questions:

  1. How will this event promote awareness of Asian American issues for the UT/Austin community?

  2. What benefits will accrue to participants as a result of the event?

  3. What are the benefits CAAS/UT-Austin will as a result of the event?

  4. How has your organization maintained a mutual relationship with CAAS?

  5. What events within your organization has CAAS co-sponsored?

  6. If CAAS does not grant sufficient funding, how will the event be affected?

  7. Are there any other factors you would like CAAS to consider when reviewing this proposal?

  8. How will the university and CAAS receive recognition? (Advertising, publicity, etc)?

  9. The Center requests 3-5 minutes speaking time by one of our staff.

10. Amount requested for funding: $
** Co-Sponsorship will be reviewed by UT’s Audit and Endowment Compliance Committee. After CAAS approval, funding may not be granted by the university.**
** Please attach a financial spreadsheet, budget, needed for this event. **

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