The caveman experience

C. He Discovered His Commitment

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C. He Discovered His Commitment -Nothing demonstrates our level of commitment to God than our continued obedience and faithful service, even when we are in one of the caves of life!


(Caves make for hard living, but they are not altogether bad! There are some delightful discoveries to be made in the caves of life.) It seems that the caves of live have the potential to bring out our best. (As a Pastor, I have seen many people make their entrance into the cave experience of Cancer, Divorce, Financial ruin, Bereivement, losing a lifetime career, or facing their own death!.....and even in those TOUGHEST OF TIMES they face the darkness discovering that it is NOT THE END OF THINGS; only the beginning!!! (You see, it is not the storms you weather that define you; it is the way that you weather the storms!)

I am sure that David could not see in his life what his family and friends saw. At that time, David could only defeat and discouragement. While David could only see the cave; those who came to him could see the crown. They gathered themselves around him and believed in him, even when he was down! God has a way of putting special people around us who can serve as encouragers in our lives! I'm thankful for the people who looked at my life and saw potential there that I could not recognize. Today, there is a great need for that kind of ministry in our church! There is always someone who stands ready to criticize and cut down; but there are very few who will come along side you during the hard times of your life and lift you up.

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