The caveman experience

A. He Discovered His Call

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A. He Discovered His Call -After a while, people began to show up at David’s cave. First, his family came; then the defeated and downtrodden men of Israel began to show up. David’s family came out of fear of Saul; the rest came because they believed David was God’s man for the future. They all cast in their lot with David. God used this "motley crew" of people to show David that He still had a plan for David’s life.....I THANK GOD FOR THE MOTLEY CREW AT CHURCH! mot·ley-adj. "Having elements of great variety"!

B. He Discovered His Character When his family and the malcontents of Israel showed up, it probably added to David’s burden at first. But, David rose to the challenge and the truth of his character was revealed in what he did during those times. He took measures to care for his elderly parents and he rose up and led his men. In other words, instead of breaking under the pressures of the moment, David’s heart was revealed. The leader rose to the challenge and led! But, it took pain and problems to squeeze that out of him! What comes out of you when you get squeezed? Do you get sour and bitter when trouble comes? Or, do you display integrity and keep on praising the Lord

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