The caveman experience

C. The Hardship Of Separation

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C. The Hardship Of Separation – David has been cut off from his family, his friends and his followers. He is in a place that prevents fellowship with nobody but God! The saying goes "You'll never know God is all you NEED until you discover that he is all you've GOT"!

We fear those times, but they often precede the times of God’s greatest blessings in our lives! For example: David alone in the cave; Jacob was alone in his tent; Elijah alone by the brook; Job alone surrounded by his friends; Moses alone on the backside of the dessert; Jesus alone in the agony of Gethsemane and Calvary. Each of these experienced their greatest triumph after that time of being shut up and shut off by the Lord. You see, there are lessons that are learned in the dark that cannot be learned in the light.


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